Reiger rally suspensions

Suspensions for extreme use

As a partner of Reiger Suspension, we are proud to be able to work with you to develop optimal suspension solutions and setups for extreme conditions.

Reiger Suspension's excellent reputation in the development and production of shock absorbers precedes them by far. Reiger is known for their development of shock absorbers for extreme conditions in automotive and motorsports. They have a very unique vision of what makes their shocks stand out. Each customer receives a personal recommendation to ensure that everyone gets exactly what they need.

The right package for every rally race

Whether on asphalt, gravel or in the sand dunes, we deliver the best solution for every condition and every type of motorsport. We have a wide range of options for cars, from simple dampers with no adjustments to high-tech dampers that are self-thinking and multi-adjustable. Everything is possible and if we do not have it in our "standard" package, we will develop it for you.

Let us get started!

We are ready to go and look forward to getting your project on track as well.

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