Öhlins racing suspensions

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With ÖHLINS racing suspensions, which have been developed and tested in practice, we lay the foundation for your success in the field of suspension. ÖHLINS covers the complete racing scene with damper applications, from Formula 1 and Formula cars to Prototypes, Touring Cars, GT and Stock Cars. From special dampers to our kit system, there is no racing car that cannot be fitted with an ÖHLINS damper.

We offer Öhlins racing suspensions for almost any application. We also make new designs individually for your vehicle


The four-way adjustable TTX40. Winner of Le Mans, Indy Car, Touring Car, Sports Car and GT races.

Since its introduction, the TTX40 Mk II has been in high-end racing. The product is a guarantee of the highest quality - around the globe. The TTX40 Mk II is a two-pipe damper with a 40mm piston and a through piston rod that eliminates the need for an external surge tank. The design is fully pressure balanced with a positive pressure build-up throughout the adjustment range, regulating the risk of cavitation with a low gas pressure and keeping internal friction very low. The end-eye can be rotated without opening the damper. The TTX40 Mk II is a completely independently adjustable four-way damper. Also available is a setting program that allows you to simulate the dyno test. This allows you to run settings without having to dyno run the damper every time. There is for the TTX40 Mk II also the possibility of a blow-off piston system. The advantage here is the reduction of the Peek load. Thus, driving over high curbs becomes smoother, one protects the tires and the risk of brake plates is reduced. The damper can be adapted for most different vehicles and covers a large number of racing vehicles.


The TTX36 has a side or inline reservoir located in the course of the damper. With a proven internal oil flow, there is no through piston rod. The TTX36 is delivered inline with a two-way adjustment, once compression as well as once rebound stage. Via a very easy to perform upgrade, the damper can be converted to the 3 or 4-way adjustment.A big advantage of the damper is the integrated reservoir, which makes it very compact and an easy to install damper. The TTX36 is also available with external expansion tank in various designs. We offer this damper with a wide variety of attachments for many different applications.

Technical features:

  • TTX technology
  • Damping separately adjustable in rebound and compression damping
  • 36 mm piston
  • 14 mm piston rod
  • Separate length adjustment
  • Possibility to upgrade with blow-off (not included)
  • Possibility to upgrade with high-frequency piston (not included)


The TTX46MT uses the damping technology from the TTX36 and TTX40, but converts this for a spring-guiding McPherson strut. This damper can also be applied to a wide variety of applications with the help of various add-on parts.

The new TCR motorsport suspension is based on the latest technologies from Öhlins' racing department. We wanted to offer the best solution for Grand Prix circuits and developed and tested with professional racers. Our kit gives the car more cornering stability, so it stays on the ideal line even when curbs are run over. The suspension has been tested on various race tracks to ensure maximum performance under different conditions.

The front and rear dampers are equipped with the proven TTX technology. They are dual adjustable and have a wide range of settings to find the optimal setting for each rider. The blow-off valves reduce peak loads and ensures a smoother ride over the curbs and minimizes the risk of tire damage. The high-frequency piston positively changes the dynamics of the shock absorber and increases traction.

The chassis is homologated by the TCR organization and will therefore be used worldwide in TCR from 2019.

Technical features:

  • McPherson Federbein, Upside Down
  • TTX-Technologie
  • Dämpfung getrennt in Zug- und Druckstufe einstellbar
  • 46 mm Kolben
  • Durchgehende 30 mm Kolbenstange (through rod)
  • Blow-off (shimmed)
  • High-frequency Kolben
  • Separate Längenverstellung

ÖHLINS Rally and Offroad Suspensions

The Allround Rally & Rallycross products come from the new generation of TPX and TTX rally shocks.

They have successfully proven themselves in even the toughest conditions. This product with universal sets for McPherson as well as dampers are used in rally and rallycross.

The McPherson shock (TPX44) has a 44mm piston. It is 3-way adjustable, single in rebound and dual in compression.

The TTX44 is a four-way adjustable two-tube shock. The adjuster in the shaft of the damper changes the rebound, while in the cylinder head the compression adjuster allows a fine two-way adjustment. The piston of the TTX44 has a 44mm diameter.

Both dampers are pressure balanced, eliminating the risk of cavitation and the low gas pressure reduces internal friction to a minimum value. There is a wide range of optional parts so the damper can be customized for any condition.

The dampers can be customized for almost any rally or rallycross vehicle.

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