ZF racing clutch

Racing clutches that deliver what they promise

Motorsport enthusiasts all over the world celebrate success time and again with products from ZF, relying on our technological expertise. ZF products offer excellent connection and installation options, optimum function and long service life - perfectly designed for technical limits.

These clutches are adapted to the specific needs of our customers. Based on customer requirements, a wide range of components is available to help our customers achieve success in motorsports. The choice of materials is adapted to the requirements and the components are optimized in terms of strength and weight. Designed for high-end applications, they feature remarkably low mass and an amazingly favorable moment of inertia. This makes them an excellent feature in your drivetrain in terms of acceleration and elasticity.

Carbon clutch discs

Carbon is the high-tech material from Formula 1. It is very temperature resistant and very light. This friction material is often used in very harsh conditions and offers the possibility of compact lightweight clutches.


  • very light, extremely temperature resistant
  • good starting behavior
  • no flywheel wear
  • long service life
  • low mass and inertia

Sinter clutch discs

Sinter is widely used in applications such as circuit and track racing, formula series cars and touring cars due to its very lightweight driven plates.


  • lightweight, high temperature resistance
  • low clutch height
  • low mass and inertia

Organic clutch discs

Organic is a soft friction material and therefore gentle on the gearbox, but not very temperature resistant. This type of material is not used in extreme racing conditions.


  • Gentle on the gearbox
  • smooth clutch engagement,
  • low wear on the flywheel friction surface

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